2021 "The Longest Night" - Winter Solstice Marathon Organisation Thread

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A thread for all organisational discussion surrounding this event.

Meetup #1 Completed 20211122

I've got a Google Meet scheduled for 2021-11-21T18:00:00Z2021-11-21T19:30:00Z

I've also made a brief attempt at an Agenda:

Please feel free to edit (you'll need to request access, which I should be available to grant most hours of the day) :slight_smile:

Door list:
@irisS @luluganeta @paulchannelstrip @munshkr @Givo29 @yaxu @tedthetrumpet @mrreason

If you're not on the list above but want to attend, please register interest in this thread and I'll take note for the day... This is my first time doing a publicly announced hangout, so I'll be a bit tighter on allowing access - hence this request :slight_smile:


Hey @cleary, thanks for the initiative!

I was also involved last time and am looking forward to contributing my part again. I would especially like to contribute to the streaming system, as we already had some ideas last time. I just can't estimate how much time and energy I will have for it, because I have a lot going on at work. Therefore, I would still like to participate in the meetup (and maybe to see where I can help without being too dependent on me - maybe helping with some conceptual stuff?)

This is hopefully okay - will see :slight_smile:

Hey thanks for dropping in! I remember you having a big hand in the last one, I was going to DM you and check if you were available :wink:

All good on the load side - myself and @Givo29 are looking to pickup there, so conceptual knowledge will be very helpful!


Hey @munshkr - have you had any time to have a look at this for us?

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Cool! see you all in two days <3


I'm sorry I haven't yet, I've been swamped with work lately :pensive: I'll try to write down something tomorrow!


My maths was wrong! it's 3 days sorry :frowning:

All good, thankyou!

Starting in 15mins!

@irisS @luluganeta @paulchannelstrip @munshkr @Givo29 @yaxu @tedthetrumpet @mrreason

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I've had a last minute hitch and won't be able to make it today ;(

I went through the action points and can commit to have a design up in the coming weekend -- hopefully it gives enough time for all other gears to spin. If a tighter turnaround is preferable, just let me know and I'll accomodate.

One detail that I'd ask you to touch in the meeting would be the definite name for the event? (also, if someone could go through the hassle to take minimal notes, that would be super helpful)

Cheers yall, excited to see this happen!

All good, we got there :slight_smile: We did miss quite a few people (timezone confusion issue perhaps? I'll try to send explicit invites next time) but with massive thanks to @mrreason we have a good idea of a path forward for the infrastructure.

Outcomes/minutes/diagrams were noted on the Agenda doc. Some key points:

  1. Name: "The Longest Night" (thanks @paulchannelstrip )

  2. Extending muxy is the goal, make sure any frontend code is open source/accessible

  3. Some peer programming sessions will be organised to share knowledge/implement the todo list (thanks @mrreason )

  4. A discussion channel has been setup on discord #nightstream (thanks @ritchse)

  5. Domain setup/hosting options to be confirmed (me)

  6. Unresolved stuff: Support team/process - this will be something to look at closer to the date, once the frontend/backend work is done


Really sorry I missed it, we had to clear our kitchen out for a refit tonight. Exciting stuff looking forward!

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I missed it too! Count me in on the peer programming sessions, I'm sure I can join some of them.

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