Ansible playbook with 21.04?

Probably a question for Bernie :slightly_smiling_face:

Just setting up a new computer with ubuntustudio 21.04 beta. Your ansible playbook says it only supports up to 20.04. Should I try it anyway?


You should - 20.10 worked fine, I think I had 21.04 testing for a while too

Side note, I've got mutable instruments ugens install tasks currently testing - should finalise in the next day or two, it'll just be a matter of uncommenting an option in your vars/all.yml

Ok, great, I'll give it a shot! Alghough, actually, I'm having some issues with the 21.04 beta, trying 20.10 now…

Given the non lts releases only have a 9 month support life, I reckon you'd be better off on 20.04 lts