Atom deactivated after restart on Mac

After changing the "ghci path" and quitting Atom the program does not start anymore with an active window. I followed the Mac OS installation instruction successfully to this point. Any idea how I can solve this problem?

Try run it from the terminal with the atom command

Thanks. What exactly is the atom command? Sorry for probably a stupid question.

No problem.
Open the terminal, write atom and press enter.
Any output on the console?

Thank you for answering my stupid question. I did exactly this. But it didn't work because Atom was not fully installed anymore. It opened properly in the first place after downloading tidal. But after setting the ghci path Atom showed up only in the header without opening the program. All options were deactivated despite the Atom option so I could quit the program. Trying to reinstall Atom I removed the app from the launch pad and searched for left overs on the hard drive. No Atom... files could be found. Trying to install Atom again it came up with the same result as before. The installation was blocked I suppose by remaining files that I could not find probably because their name did not include 'atom'.
Then I reseted my hard drive. Now I'm about to do the whole installation again.
Are there any specifics for the installation on macOSBigSur11.3.1 I need to know about?

I know there are some issues with big sur but I'm not a mac user, try search into the forum, there's a topic about that