Cannot start Tidal on the Atom side

Hi, I'm on Linux MInt, installed Tidal via Ansible Method, everything works fine except when I try to start Tidal on Atom, the console prints the following:

Choose ghc base path
 > no custom path configured
 * use ghcup default path
Ghci command: /home/matt/.ghcup/bin/ghci
Ghc-pkg command: /home/matt/.ghcup/bin/ghc-pkg
Start atom-tidalcycles plugin
Choose BootTidal.hs path
 > no custom path configured
 > not found in current directory
 > cannot get tidal installation folder Error: Command failed: "/home/matt/.ghcup/bin/ghc-pkg" field tidal data-dir
/bin/sh: 1: /home/matt/.ghcup/bin/ghc-pkg: not found
 * use the default contained in the plugin
 * load BootTidal.hs from /home/matt/.atom/packages/tidalcycles/lib/BootTidal.hs
Cannot browse tidal to obtain informations for autocomplete: Error: Command failed: echo ":browse Sound.Tidal.Context" | "/home/matt/.ghcup/bin/ghci"
/bin/sh: 1: /home/matt/.ghcup/bin/ghci: not found
t> /bin/sh: 1: /home/matt/.ghcup/bin/ghci: not found

What does it mean?