Comment out lines?


Just wondering if there is a way of commenting out a line - so I don’t have to retype it.

For example if I wanted to stop and start d1 every now and then using d1 silence


Just put two hyphens (i.e. – ) at the beginning of the line.



Single line comments in TidalCycles are the same as in Haskell, which is to say, that you prepend the text that you wish to comment out with --

So you would do:

-- d1 $ silence


d1 $ s "bd*32" -- a comment here
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Hi @Paul,

If you have a look at the “basic interation” video, I try to explain that it’s not the whole file you’re editing that gets ‘run’ - it’s only the block of text that your cursor is on. You can see the block ‘flash’ when you run it - that’s the only bit that gets sent to tidal.

So while what @bcgreen and @eris says it true, you wouldn’t actually need to comment out d1 silence - it doesn’t have any effect until you send it to tidal.


Thanks all for your replies - really helpful

@yaxu I’ll take another look a the basic interaction vid -really enjoying everything so far!