Control tidal cps from external source (jack master)?

Hi all,
I'm attempting to delve into some DAW usage with tidal (ardour specifically), and I'm interested in syncing up the clocks between ardour and tidal.
I know I can send midi clocking signals from tidal, but ardour can't do anything with them (apparently due to the way the timeline is implemented).
So my thought was, can I set an independent clock (jack master, which ardour can control), and have tidal take timing from that instead of setting cps internally?

I've no experience with Midi clocks, but both Ardour and Tidal seems to support it.

Afaik Tidal/SuperCollider doesn't support Jack Transport.

You could take a look at Ableton Link. Ardour 6.x (all though not really designed for looping and patterns) has Link support and Tidal can work with Link via Carabiner (yes native Link support would be nice :wink: )

Hey thanks for the quick reply!

Yeah, I can send midi clocking/control signals from tidal (have done succesful syncing with sooperlooper in the past via this method).
Ardour can also receive the clocking signals (confirmed via the midi logging tool), it's just that there's no way to tell it to use those signals as part of it's timeline/clock info :frowning:

I did run across this in my searching, but it seemed like a long way round for infrastructure that should already be able to do the job ... it may be my only option though -

Thanks again :slight_smile:

I did a quick test with Supercollider and Ardour using Ableton Link. It works at least.
Also Tidal via Carabiner works pretty well with Supercollider using Ableton link.

I doubt if Ardour is very useful atm to sync with Tidal, but I'm not sure. A DAW like Bitwig or Ableton Live might be a more logical choice here.

(SuperBoucle / SpinTool looks interesting tools on Linux as well. Yes, I think more Ableton Link support in applications (seq66/sequencer64, Luppp, SooperLooper etc.) would open a lot of new possibilities in this realm).

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