Controlling a synth's pitch from another orbit

I've been trying to use a signal to control de pitch of a synth. Basically doing something like using a kick drum to pitch shift a synth. I've tried doing something like this

SynthDef(\prophet, {|out freq 120 pan 0.5 amp 1.0 detune 0  ffreq 8000
  attack 0.01 sustain 1.0 release 1.0|
  var temp,sig;
  var env =, timeScale:sustain, doneAction:2);
  var control =[3].dryBus, 2).sum;
  var fenv =,releaseTime:0.002), timeScale:sustain/2*(control*80));
  sig = 0; {
    temp =[freq,freq/2] +*detune,detune*control), width:1.0, iphase:Rand(0,0.2));
    sig = sig + temp;
  sig =,spread:1.0);
  sig =,,release/4), timeScale:sustain/2).exprange(10,ffreq), rq:0.7);
  sig = (sig * amp);
  sig =, ~nChannels, pan, env);
  //sig = [sig[1] ,[0], delaytime:0.002)];
  //sig = sig[1].poll;,sig);

If I poll the control signal I can see the signal values according to the input of such orbit, but I can't hear any change to the sound :frowning:
Has anyone experimented with doing stuff like this??