Creating different start points for samples


Am pretty new to tidal, but was wondering if there was a function for creating different start points for samples?


  • I've been trying to code a pattern using the "ur" function and wanted to experiment with playing the same sample at different start times across different patterns.

Not sure if there's a specific function for this, or if something similar can be achieved through "striate" + "striate'", but would love any help or suggestions?


there are the begin and end parameters to specify the starting and ending point of the playback of a sample, for example:

d1 $ s "birds" # begin 0.5

will play the first birds sample, but start it in the middle of the sample.
You might encounter unexpected behaviour when using these parameters with functions like striate, loopAt and possibly others, since thouse functions use the parameters internally.


Ah cool,

Thanks for this - Works a treat!