Dynamic beat repetition

Simple question: I want that my first cycle c3 plays 4 times at 1/16 and second cycle 3 times at 1/16 and so on by adding depth value in "<>" notation.Where i'm wrong in this code? ps. I know that i can do this like that "[t]*4 [t]*3",but i want to know why this code doesn't give me what i want.

d1  $ stack[
   stut "<4 3>" 0.6 0.0625 $
   struct ("t") $ s "midi " # n "c3" #midichan 0 

(this is probably not the answer you want to hear, but...)

i think this sort of thing gets tricky depending on:

  1. how you are defining "1/16"
    -- is it 1/16th of a cycle? or
    -- is it 1/16th of one bar in a given time signature (e.g. 4/4)?
  2. what the structure of your pattern?
    -- is it also dynamic or is it fixed?

are you looking for a "beat repeat" type effect where your whole composition stutters different ways but still on-beat? in this situation, i'd be inclined to use something like bite to segment out the little sections i want to repeat and then livecode the stutters that way.