Execute code at next cycle

Is there anyway to edit the code, run it, but have it execute at the next cycle?

For example, this is running:

d1 $ stack [ n "0" # bd, n "~ 1" # sd ]

and I change it to this:

d1 $ stack [ n "0*4" # bd, n "[~ 1]*2" # sd ]

Is there anyway to run the above, but have the change at the next cycle? Or do I have to time when I execute it? Thanks it advance!

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You could try using transition jumpIn' which, according to documentation, makes the change effective in the number of cycles specified as an argument, at a cycle boundary.

So, here, since from what I understood you don't want to wait before the transition (ie make the jump in 0 cycles), you're gonna want to do

(jumpIn' 0) 1 $ stack [ n "0*4" # bd, n "[~ 1]*2" # sd ]

Hope that answers your question!


Awesome! Thank you so much!