Feedforward basics - setcps?

Hi @yaxu,
I had a crack at livecoding in feedforward the other night - it looks fantastic, and I'm really quite taken with the idea of having visual indicators to assist in managing patterns, but I fell over at a very early hurdle -

Since you input the patterns directly (without defining dN), I couldn't work out how to run direct commands like setcps - how do I do that?

It's not possible to run i/o commands like setcps in feedforward. Here's two things you can do:

Change the cps as a control pattern e.g.:

cps 1.1

Or have tidal running in another editor and run setcps there - they'll automatically be in sync and will share tempo.

But it's an experimental editor for live performance, currently with no provision for defining variables, running i/o etc.

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