Help me diagnose performance issues

I'm getting a lot of late and skip messages from tidal and supercollider.

This is what I've done with the tidal boot file:

-- total latency = oLatency + cFrameTimespan
tidal <- startTidal (superdirtTarget {oLatency = 1, oAddress = "", oPort = 57120}) (defaultConfig {cFrameTimespan = 1/10})

and I've set supercolliders latency to 1.

I think it's having some effect but I'm not sure if I should just keep adding to the latency/frameTimespan or if there is some other fix? Should I just accept it and try to keep myself within the limits of the platform?

Not sure if the server percentages in supercollider are referring to my cpu cap but they're barely hitting 20% if thats any help.