Hoogle, Atom: worth trying again?

I'm thinking of having another go at using the facility documented in the Atom plugin to use Hoogle to get the official documentation and better autocomplete. Last time I tried this I gave up: couldn't get it to work, and wasted I think GBs of disk space in the process.

Can this actually be made to work? Is it worth the effort? Do you get something like you get in the SuperCollider IDE, which offers a handy list of function arguments as part of the autocomplete?

I implemented it and I used it a lot, now I'm not using it a lot.
Have you hoogle installed? If so, there's not too much other to do if I remember well

Tangentially related:

At some point I had a quick try at using haskell-language-server with my editor's LSP (kak-lsp), in order to gain autocomplete and contextual help, but couldn't make it work. I'm not sure, but it seemed that the language server needed a cabal file to find a starting point.

Right now tidal depends on BootTidal.hs to import necessary functions and define quite a few things. Maybe that's why the language server does not work, as the functions used in the .tidal files are not actually imported, from its point of view.

Maybe there is something to do by using a more vanilla haskell project layout, name the tidal file .hs and merge BootTidal.hs in it? Gonna have to give it a try...