I apologize if it has already been said, if it is in the videos somewhere but I wasn't able to find anything.
Basically I just want to have something like 4 samples and 3 different speeds that rotate on those samples.
Something like :

d1 $ n " 4 5 6 7" # s "drum" # speed "2 3 4"

So if I understand correctly this doesn't work because the structure comes from the $
but if I do the other way around

d1 $ speed "2 3 4" # s "drum" # n "2 3 4"

doesn't work either for the same reason. It seems to me that it's a very easy problem but I'm still not able to find a solution. I mean, something like curly brackets for polyrhythm.

Thank you guys!

I haven't checked this, but I think curly brackets is exactly right:

d1 $ n " 4 5 6 7" # s "drum" # speed "{2 3 4}%4"


Yes it is, it's just that I didn't know about the %.
Thank you very much for your help!


Just for completeness, you can also do this:

Because the number of steps per cycle comes from the first subsequence.

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I've seen the % used a few times... at first I assumed it was a modulo, but it looks like it sets the duration. eg %4 is quarter notes, %8 is eigth notes, etc. Is that correct?