Live Coding Collective Copenhagen stream tomorrow night

Hey fellow,

I just want to share a link to an online concert I will be part tomorrow night (November, 19th).
We will be playing as Live Coding Collective Copenhagen i.e. 3 live coders

  • one using Sonic PI
  • one using Improviz
  • one using TidalCycles - me :upside_down_face:

Doors open at 19, come join!
I will make some nice Turkish re-designed music (or I'll hope to do so).

Stay safe :slight_smile:

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There should also be a link to a Twitch account if you don't want to follow via FB.
I'll ask for it and I'll post it here later.

EDIT: no Twitch stream sorry, I was told only through Facebook - damn :neutral_face:

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Just finished listening to it, this was really cool, and your set in particular!

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Thank you! :smile:

To be honest, I think the other set was more interesting and variegated, he played around with couple of hardware synthetisers and he was able to get interesting soundscapes.

Some postmortem considerations:

  • I had to limit myself to one set of melodic sounds only as the bağlama had a particular tuning and everything else was clashing
  • I experienced fatigue during the performance because I was trying to tweak the samples but I reached a plateau in how many ways I could destructure them
  • it is really difficult to exit the tonic with such rich samples i.e. rich timbres, overtone etc.

@th4 if you are interested in playing around with them let me know, I am happy to share the samples with you!

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