Live Sound - stereo audio input

Hi All, I'd really like to have some live mic input in tidal and the following works but mono panned to the left:

$ s "in"

If I do # pan 1 the sound goes away. How can I have this input be in both channels (assuming stereo)?


Hi @sherwood! If you have just installed the latest SuperDirt version, then s "in" accepts a stereo signal. It sounds to me like you are only using a mono signal. You can check this in SuperCollider under Server -> Show Server Meter.
If this is true then you can try using s "in1".

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Thank you! Had to update superdirt and then works perfectly.

Glad to hear that it works now!

One more question, if I have two separate mono inputs, how do I delineate that in tidal?

This is super interesting! Is there any documentation for "in"? I've been playing around with it and trying to do some patterning with it. It seems like it won't accept certain functions on the left hand side? Striate for example.

my guess: implementation of striate uses begin and end Tidal/Control.hs at main · tidalcycles/Tidal · GitHub, and these only work for samples (stored as files on disc) but not for live input (which is not stored).

That's the reason why Mrreason built his sample magic: record audio input to disc (e.g., one cycle), then use the recorded file (for the next cycle) - while performance is running.

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