Mininotation, * and ! with <>

This works: d1 $ s "arpy*<4 7>" alternates per cycle between d1 $ s "arpy*4" and d1 $ s "arpy*7".

So… what about this? d1 $ s "arpy!<4 7>" I assumed it would sound effectively the same as the above, alternating per cycle between d1 $ s "arpy!4" and d1 $ s "arpy!7". But something else is going on here, that I can't figure out. Any ideas?

Hey @tedthetrumpet! For me it looks like that s "arpy!<4 7>" will transform this to: <[arpy arpy 4] [arpy arpy 7]>. It means, that ! just repeats arpy and <4 7> stands alone.

And I used drawLine to debug this line:

drawLine "t!<4 7>"
-- |tt4|tt7|tt4|tt7|

Right, yes, thanks! Indeed, it alternates between d1 $ s "arpy arpy 4" and d1 $ s "arpy arpy 7".

And testing, of course, using the number as a sound just produces a not-found silence: d1 $ s "4" in SC gives no synth or sample named '4' could be found. module 'sound': instrument not found: 4.

Thanks for that.