Mixing within TC , limiting with SC

Help ?

Can someone precis the use of # amp levels generated by three channels d1 etc and how this interacts with the limiting set as here

StageMaster.activate(numChannels: 2, compThreshold: 0.7, limiterLevel: 0.7, highEndDb: 3.0);

as to a recording output that is clipping heavily but sounds good on headphones.

I need an idiots guide for an idiot 'sound producer' (very loose term for me).

What are you using to record?

My suspicion is that the input level set in your recording tool/DAW is too high -

Stagemaster processes within SuperCollider
Supercollider outputs to wherever you route the audio (headphones, recording tool/DAW)

I suspect it currently looks like:

                > Headphones
SuperCollider -|
                > DAW

A way to test is to route your audio like this instead:

Supercollider -> DAW -> Headphones 

and see if you get clipping

Mic Input within system of Mac Book Pro was set high. Seems to have done the job !!