No kernel for grammar TidalCycles found [CLOSED]

Hi there,

Excited to be beginning my Tidal journey. I have gotten Tidal up and running with VS Code using no special config in that editor, but I would prefer to use Atom if possible. Atom gives me this error when I try to evaluate in a .tidal file:

Has anyone encountered this error message before? I'm happy to provide more details of my setup if that would be helpful, as it has been a bit convoluted– I'm still not able to run TidalCycles on my desktop for instance, because it can't find LLVM installation, but that's for another post.

That's the first time I see that, no clue sorry.
What OS?

I just upgraded to macOS Big Sur, but before that I was on Mojave. It's a 2015 Macbook Pro.
Atom also has this other package called Hydrogen that's running; I'm not sure whether that's related to this error?

Update: found the solution to this! I uninstalled the 'Hydrogen' package from Atom, restarted the editor, and now Tidal is suddenly working there. I'm not sure why it was there in the first place because I didn't intentionally install it...

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