Pattern Structure

Hi Everyone! here just beginning to get into Tidal Cycles and extremely excited. I'm getting the hang of making patterns but trying to structure and combine patterns I find myself a bit confused by the "Pattern Structure" section of the docs.
For example when it says:

"2 3" + "4 5 6"

Which I interpret that something like:

d1 $ s "bd bd" + "sn hh cp"

Will yeld a combination of patterns however this doesn't work as far as combining the pattern, I only hear the first one before the add operand.

What I'm ultimately hope to achieve for pattern structure would be something like this:

p 2 $ s "bd bd sn hh"
p 3 $ s "[bd <sd hh>/2 bd <cp sd>/2]*2"
p 4 $ s "bd bd sn hh*2"
p 5 $ n "[bd <sd hh> bd <cp sd>/2]*3"
p 4 $ s "bd*2 bd*2 sn hh*2"

Then run something d1 $ "2 3" + "4 5 6" and then I'd hear all the patterns one after the other in a cycle, but it doesn't work either.

Can someone clarify what does the Pattern section mean by this? Preferably with some code I can run to see it in practice. Also if it is not related to combining patterns, how can I go about combining "named" patterns. Thank you so much!

That pattern is discussing pattern arithmetic - how it's possible to combine two patterns together through numerical addition.

I think you're looking for sequencing patterns, like in the lessons here: Week 7 - composition - Tidal Club

or you can use fastcat/slowcat, like:

d1 $ s (cat ["bd bd", "sn hh cp"])