Problem with Atom TidalCycle boot on Win10

Trying this installation for the first time, not really into programming. I get this when i try to boot Tidal on Atom

Using default GHC system path definition
Ghci command: ghci
Ghc-pkg command: ghc-pkg
Load BootTidal.hs from C:\Users\saulo.atom\packages\tidalcycles\lib\BootTidal.hs
Listening for external osc messages on
t> : error:
Could not find module `Sound.Tidal.Context'
It is not a module in the current program, or in any known package.

Can you verify if the path
Exists? It seems pretty strange to me, I was expecting a \ between "saulo" and ".atom"

It exists. For some reason theres no \ between "saulo" and ".atom" :thinking: