Problem with sample rate

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until now my setup was running properly as long as I was using 44100khz sample rate in the startup file. Now I wanted to switch to 48000khz. I thought that it would not be a big thing. Unfortunately my startup file does not finish properly any more after changing it to 48000khz (and changing JackRouter, Live and Focusrite settings too). It comments:

...AR: JackRouterDevice::GetPropertyDataSize 'nsr#'
JAR: JackRouterDevice::HasProperty 'nsr#'
JAR: HP_Device::HasProperty 'nsr#'
JAR: JackRouterDevice::GetPropertyData 'nsr#'
JAR: HP_Device::GetPropertyData 'nsr#'
Requested sample rate 48000.000000 was not available - attempting to use sample rate of 44100.000000

My startup file:

s.options.numBuffers = 2048 * 512;
s.options.memSize = 16384 * 64;
s.options.maxNodes = 8192 * 128;
s.options.numOutputBusChannels = 16;
s.options.numInputBusChannels = 16;
s.options.outDevice = "JackRouter";
s.options.sampleRate = 48000;

s.waitForBoot {
~dirt = SuperDirt(2, s);

~dirt.start(57120, [0, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14]);


My setup:
MacOS 10.14
Focusrite Scarlett 1820i 2ndgen
Ableton Live

This is the Jack version I use:

Has any one an idea what could be the reason for this problem?

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Don't know how does it work on mac, but on linux you have to choose the sample rate on jack too before turning it on.

Yes, indeed. In the Jack preferences I chose 48000 instead of 44100 khz. But Supercollider reacts as described above. It seems to be something wrong with Jack.

Uhm... I have the same problem with an old laptop I use, I always thought that its soundcard does not support 48k. I never investigated further. Maybe you could try to ask on

Thank you for the hint ndr_brt .

Maybe I should better ask all macOS users here like this:

Which version of Jackaudio do you use?

I just wanted to report some positive feedback. Now I got my catalina notebook running properly with blackhole, can record 16 channels from Tidal and 8 channels simoultaniously from external hardware gear (controlled via midi from TC) in Live. And finally with great help from @isaacMedina I can send CC data from an external controller to Tidal using a PD-script.

Thank you all,

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