Problem with the cps function

I've got a problem while using the cps function in combination with a rhythm that is not dividable through four (I guess ?!). The played pattern is unstable or you could say the schedular doesn't seem to be able to set the events properly without random time offsets:

d1 $ s "[bd*5, hh*10]" # cps 0.3

When I change it with setcps once, everything works as expected:

setcps 0.3
d1 $ s "[bd*5, hh*10]"

And when I use it with a pattern that is dividable through four it works like a charm:

d1 $ s "[bd*4, hh*8]" # cps 0.3

The OSC messages that are send to SuperDirt looks really similar. But the osc messages arrives with a delay when I use my first example. Does the TidalCycles schedular has a problem with this usage? I am really stuck and hopefully someone could give me a hint.

Weird, I don't notice this issue on my computer. The "[bd*5, hh*10]" # cps 0.3 sounds just fine and even to me. :thinking: