Replace a pattern conditionally with const and trigger

Is there a way to use const with trigger? I plan to enable/disable a pattern with OSC. However, it seems that the clock in the background keeps running and the trigger is only triggered when the code is executed once.

This is the code to enable and disable a pattern:

capply condpat effectpat = every 
    (fmap (\x -> if x > 0 then 1 else 0) 
    (discretise 1 condpat)) (effectpat)

And it is then used as follows:

capply (cF 0 "24") (const $ s "808*4") $ s "bd*16"

What I was hoping for is that the Pattern would start from the beginning when I use trigger like:

capply (cF 0 "24") (const $ trigger 1 $ s "808*4") $ s "bd*16"

Does anyone here have any idea how I can make this happen? Thanks a lot in advance!