Reproducing 365tidalpatterns - what to replace spread' with?


First of all, huge thanks everyone for fantastic tools and resources.

I'm trying to reproduce 365tidalpatterns. As they are from 2015, I expect the language to change so that they need some rewriting to make them work again. Can you please help me with some tips?

The main thing I'm hitting with nearly every pattern is the use of spread'. As I'm trying to evaluate spread' slow "[2 3 1]/4" (eg. from, I'm getting

β€’ No instance for (Enumerable (Pattern Time))
    arising from the literal β€˜"[2 3 1]/4"’
β€’ In the second argument of β€˜spread'’, namely β€˜"[2 3 1]/4"’
  In the expression: spread' slow "[2 3 1]/4"
  In an equation for β€˜it’: it = spread' slow "[2 3 1]/4"

What's the modern way to express the same thing?

Also, is sinewave1 from 2015 just a sine nowadays?

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spread' slow "[2 3 1]/4" would just be slow "[2 3 1]/4" these days. and yep sinewave1 is now just sine

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