Sample and Hold in Tidal

I'm trying to create a version of sample and hold in tidal, a bit like the turing machine in the modular world.

I would like to generate a 16 step pattern of random notes, within a range which I have control of. I would like to replace this 16 step pattern with a new random pattern whenever I send it a specific message. I'm hoping to use midi eventually and do this with the push of a button but a boolean or something like that would be good for now.

Can anyone help me think how to achieve this? I'm stumped. Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

What about using:

outside 4 (repeatCycles 4) -- first number is bars, second is number of repeats 

You could then use binary or struct or ascii or something like that to generate the 16 steps, then freeze it with the repeatCycles code.

I haven't tested this but it came to mind.

Thanks very much for this great idea. This is definitely a big step in the right direction.

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