Select one item in a pattern, in order?

Hi all!

Is there a function to select one item in a pattern per cycle in order, no matter the length?
To illustrate: is there a function that could allow the following?

select one item from s "cpu:0 cpu:1 cpu:2 cpu:3"
such that 4 cycles would produce

cycle1 - cpu:0
cycle2 - cpu:1
cycle3 - cpu:2
cycle4 - cpu:3

But also select n items per pattern and play them in n cycles?

your example is just s "<cpu:0 cpu:1 cpu:2 cpu:3>" (slowcat)?

So I can just tag on slowcat like that?

no, I meant, you can use mini-notation

s "<cpu:0 cpu:1 cpu:2 cpu:3>" 

but interally that's translated (implemented) via slowcat, and you could as well write that:

s (slowcat ["cpu:0", "cpu:1", "cpu:2", "cpu:3"])

but perhaps you really want to use (etc.) to combine pattern structures ...

The mininotation solution worked, thx! Sometimes it's easy to forget the simple stuff lol