Sending MIDI / Creating Custom CC Mappings


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Thanks @yaxu. If I'm understanding correctly then we can currently use "amp" instead of "gain". That's helpful.

It does seem to me that having midi "velocity" would be more direct, especially when needing to deal with really specific velocities on certain instruments. But this and your suggested function sound like we can currently do that so that's great.

thank you @yaxu! i tried both commands and the midinote didn't work, and then i fixed it i think by running Quarks.gui and installing the "LATEST" version of SuperDirt, which at first didn't work, but then i pressed the button "Recompile class library", and now everything is working yay :slight_smile: !!!

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Ah good! @ben @montoyamoraga maybe there is something wrong with the install process that is leaving people with an old superdirt version.. How+when did you install superdirt if you don't mind me asking?

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I installed SuperDirt just for this class. You helped me a few weeks ago. Let me know if you need any more info than that!

I’m having trouble with the update in another thread but maybe your question wasn’t directed at me?

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i followed these instructions for my Macbook

my guess is that command is forcing the outdated version, could it have a way of pointing to latest version, and not to a fixed version?

Quarks.checkForUpdates({Quarks.install("SuperDirt", "v1.1.1"); thisProcess.recompile()}) 

also, since i am using macOS Catalina, now the default shell is zsh instead of bash, so i had to do

echo '. $HOME/.ghcup/env' >> "$HOME/.zshrc"

instead of

echo '. $HOME/.ghcup/env' >> "$HOME/.bashrc"

i went ahead and edited the instructions, hope it is helpful :slight_smile:

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aahhh ok, that explains that..

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(Well there were fixes for midi after v1.1.1, but squiz has been around much longer)

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Alex, a quick question on that same topic, that came up on Toplap's Tidal chatroom. Quoting a fellow Tidal Cyclist here, but would love to know the answer too

As always, thanks a billion !

smooth "20 30 50 10" should work, but that results in a continuous pattern, so you have to give it some structure, in order for it to generate events.
E.g. segment 32 $ smooth "20 30 50 10" to sample that 32 times a cycle


I created an updated version of the video tutorial in 2018, but even that is starting to look a little obsolete. I never knew about amp!

Here's the latest tutorial: