Significant "late" messages, even with latency very high?


I started getting a ton of "late" messages in supercollider when sending messages from tidal.
Changing the latency on the ScServer doesn't seem to help. This wasn't happening before (and I did just do a system update, which included a rebuild of Tidal).

Has anyone run into this ? Is it perhaps an issue with my box or the rebuild of Tidal ? Any way to track this down and fix it ? At this point, it makes tidal basically unusable.


i have also run into this! it wasn’t necessarily affecting my sound output but after a session i for sure noticed an avalanche of late messages in SC before closing down.

Changing latency in sc probably won't help but increasing it in tidal should.. This is configurable in your boottidal.hs as oLatency


Perfect! That did it. Thanks! Looks like I changed that in my Tidal boot config, but I forgot!

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