Silence in a dramatic way (without using "panic")

Hi everyone!
I'm needing to silence in a dramatic way any (d1 , d2 , d3... also all of them) Similar to how "panic" does it but it does look like a error. As if you lower the volume very very very fast
For pattern without "room" or without "sustain" or "legato" longer than the time allotted to the pattern or with a short sample, the options: "mute 1" "d1 silence" "(const $ s "~" )" "degardeBy 1" "hush" works fine, silences immediately (or almost, within the current "cycle"). But in cases the pattern ends according to the parameters (which is the expected behavior)


in the case below, although "panic" is more like what I want, "silence" can work:
d1 $ s "supercomparator" # note "d4"
d1 silence

But in this other case, "silence" takes 8 cycles to finish (which is technically correct), only panic silences immediately, but it seems like an error, rather than an intentional closure.
d1 $ trigger 1 $ s "supercomparator" # note "d4" # sustain "8" # attack "0.5" # hold "4" # release "3.5"
d1 silence

any ideas?

thanks in advance
Ivan Abreu

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You could use the control bus feature with ampbus and amprecv?

Setup any orbits you want to silence with # amprecv 1, then setup a control orbit with # ampbus 1 applying whatever values you want

[edit] this works:

-- bus signal send/control, 0.5 is full vol
d1 $ ampbus 1 0.5

-- turn it off
d1 $ ampbus 1 0.0

-- sound
d2 $ trigger 1 $ s "supercomparator" # note "d4" # sustain "8" # attack "0.5" # hold "4" # release "3.5"
  # amprecv 1

@cleary thanks a million!!, it works perfect

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