Silent fail when trying to upgrade to tidal 1.4.9

You can view and manipulate hidden folders graphically on the mac. Open a Finder window on your home folder and do shift-command-period, you'll see all the hidden files and folders. Repeat the same keystroke to hide them again.


That did it!
Thanks @yaxu and @tedthetrumpet

PS: I know that this is off topic, but I've taken this as an opportunity to try to learn more about Terminal commands. The one that is stumping me is the first period in . ~/.ghcup/env
I learned that the period is for hidden folders, but the .ghcup already has a period so I'm confused about what that first one is for. Anyone have an idea?

@ben sorry that one's beyond me! I found a humorous article saying that there were 23 different uses of the . in unix, and gave up!

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haha... thanks for trying!

In this case it's a synonym for source which takes that file and runs it (more or less) as if you had typed it into your terminal line by line (which is slightly different than how scripts normally run). This lets the env script do things like change your PATH environment variable for the current terminal's session. The PATH is how your shell (probably zsh in your case) knows where to find programs like cabal. And environment management tools like ghcup work by installing stuff in non-standard places and then fiddling PATH to include or exclude those places so they can make groups of executables appear and disappear on command. In this case . ~/.ghcup/env is the command that makes the group of executables (and probably some other configuration stuff as well) that ghcup considers it's default environment appear.

I don't know if that's clear or helpful but you said you wanted to learn more about terminal stuff...

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Wow. No wonder I couldn't figure it out on my own ha.
Really helpful thank you!

It takes some getting used to. But it's super fun! (for some definition of fun)

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I made the command to update Tidal but I'm still on 1.4.3 on atom after I Reboot it.

I try to launch again the commande but it's telling me that it's up to date

PS C:\WINDOWS\system32> cabal update
Downloading the latest package list from
To revert to previous state run:
cabal v2-update ',2020-04-22T20:17:42Z'
PS C:\WINDOWS\system32> cabal install tidal --lib
Resolving dependencies...
Up to date


I'm also getting what appears to be an upgrade successful message (even telling me I'm now on 1.4.9 in the Terminal) but still showing 1.4.8 when I check the version... Will try the advice given to Ben

(I'm a little behind y'all as I started this late, hello)

Hmm.. It does seem that there's something wrong with the new cabal installer functionality.

You could try using the old one instead. When you start tidal you'll get a "Loaded package environment from ..." message. You can delete that file, then do

cabal v1-update
caval v1-install tidal

To install using the 'good old' version of cabal.

What a load of hassle. We do really need a drag-and-drop installer for tidal!!

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Okay, it worked, thanks.

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Followed the previous instructions to troubleshoot and it's now working fine! Thank you!

(still trying to catch up!)

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Phew, glad I read this thread as I ran into the double-file thing mentioned above.

Does anybody have any tips on cleaning up the Haskell file mess on OSX? I seem to have at least two, possibly three versions concurrently. Most recent is 8.6.5 and would kind of like to update to the latest.

For the record, I had to do these steps to get tidal 1.4.9:

rm -rf ~/.ghc ~/.cabal
. ~/.ghcup/env
cabal update
cabal install tidal --lib

When I only did the normal last two lines:

cabal update
cabal install tidal --lib

I'd be stuck at 1.4.8 (and ended up with the Ambiguous module name error)


Hi! I have a question. I've been trying to update TidalCycles following your steps but it seems that the last version is 1.4.3, so I can't use the draw function. The update seems to work perfectly but for me the last version is 1.4.3, not 1.4.9. Am I'm doing something wrong?

Thanks a lot

Hi @ofiuco! This seems to be a bug in cabal. I've moved your post to a thread where others have had the same problem. The (hopeful) solution is in this post -> Silent fail when trying to upgrade to tidal 1.4.9 - #5 by yaxu


Thank you! Totally worked!!

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Thanks so much. I was having exactly the same problem and this seems to have fixed it.

I'm useless with Terminal can. I'm guessing the first line "rm -rf" is something like uninstall/remove and then reeinstall?

Actually, rm -rf is a shorthand for rm -r -f, which in turn is a shorthand for rm --recursive --force. It means force remove recursively. That is to say, remove the folders given (~/.ghc and ~/.cabal) and their subfolders at any rate.
These kinds of folders often contain files and folders with read-only flags set. When that's the case and you omit the -f flag in the rm command, you'll have to acknowledge each single file.
I encourage you to read the documentation for the rm command. Enter man rm.

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I'm in Windows too and this worked fine! Thank you @yaxu

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