Starting SuperDirt silences all other sound sources

Hi, this is a startup problem on a fresh Tidal install on Ubuntu 20.04.

When I start SuperDirt from scide, music from youtube stops and I can't play samples in the sound browser in VS Code. I have to quit SuperCollider to be able to hear sound again.
SuperDirt itself works properly though.

I can't decide if the problem is with SuperCollider or Jack or may be somewhere else?

I think the problem is with jack, or better, with applications like browser, that didn't work with jack.
Supercollider starts jack, and when jack is active only sounds from applications that support jack will be heard.

To make all the applications work with jack you should install the pulseaudio-module-jack

Just as an additional idea: I have a reliable solution (EDIT: involving the mentioned pulseaudio-module-jack) using pajackconnect. There are probably other solutions.

Unfortunately it didn't help. I tried pulseaudio-module-jack together with qjackctl, almost broke my system by editing /etc/pulse/, finally I found this page.

I may give it a try later.

Ok, after taking a few steps back and forth, this solution started to work.

Thanks for your help anyway, you pushed me in the right direction.