StrudelCycles - Tidal in javascript

It's still a work-in-progress, but thanks to the incredible efforts of Felix Roos, the strudel tidal-in-javascript experiment is really coming on:

There's a tutorial here:

Have fun!


It's awesome! For the moment there are only a few elements implemented but it gives an overview of the huge offered possibilities.
If I can submit an idea, it would be great to use sample as in wags/purescript where you can define a variable and download a sample from the desktop in order to use it in the code like in tidal/superdirt.


Love this!

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Very impressive! Love it :heart_eyes:

I wonder whether [strudel] [/strudel] tags work here now..

aha ! The above is created with this:

"a3 [g3 f3]".every(3,fast("1.5")).chunk(4,add("3"))
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Yeah! Very nice.

great! I wonder what happens with 2 instances on the same page

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It works! I made a new thread for sharing patterns: Strudel pattern thread

and a thread category: Strudel - Tidal Club

I had some fun with strudel in this streamed performance: