SuperCollider Overload help

Are there any techniques/settings on how to avoid overloading SuperCollider? [Besides just using less functions? :neutral_face:]

I've had a few sessions in Tidal when I get a handful of custom functions running simultaneously and then in floods the late messages and suddenly the audio will just turn into a stuttering garble of CPU farts (which sounds quite nice actually...).

Not sure if it's just hardware limitations, which I have a gaming laptop with decent specs. Anyways, thanks in advance for any info!

Here's a video of the sound it makes, SuperCollider starts glitching out around the 0:50 mark:

the "Server" number jumps up above 100%.

Hard to figure out all the details, but it looks like you're stacking stutWith with a few juxBy. Each jux doubles the number of events, and stutWith 8 multiplies them by 8, so by the end of it all you might be winding up asking Tidal to deal with hundreds or even thousands of events per second. Using cut means you won't hear most of them but SC still has to sort the whole thing out.

If you don't want to remove stutWith or juxBy, it might help to "thin" patterns a bit with more degradeBy before the stutWith happens, or just slow things down a bit.


Ah okay, thank you for lining it out for me, that makes sense now. Yeah, I thought cut would help, but of course SC still has to process that. Definitely don't need to use all the effects in that stack, more just exploring the capabilities ad hoc and came upon that overloading. Thanks again!

I've had the same problem. my laptop isn't the best but i don't think it has to do with specs. I think its as bgold says its a case of needing to "thin" the patterns. let me know if there is any other miraculous solutions!