SuperDirt sample banks

Is there a way to display the order of the samples in any given sample bank?

I've loaded two custom sample banks using the startup file:
~dirt.loadSoundFiles("D:/audio projects/samples/AporeeRadio/Scotland/");
~dirt.loadSoundFiles("D:/audio projects/samples/AporeeRadio/NewZealand/");

I can specify which sample I want to use by specifying it using # n:
d1 $ "NewZealand" # begin "[0.15 | 0 | 0.4]" # speed "[1.4 | 1 | 0.6]" # n "11" # gain 0.68 # cut 1

But the numbering, which I assume begins at zero, does not correspond to what I see on the drive and if I edit any of the samples and then restart, the ordering (array ordering?) seems to completely change. Rather than play each one to identify its contents, is there a way I can list the array values in the tidal cycles post window?

Hope I'm explaining this clearly...

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Hi @mcoblio, the samples are numbered in alphabetical order of their filenames, so the order shouldn't change unless you edit the filename. If you open the folder in your system browser and order by name, that should be the order. Note that while a.wav goes before b.wav, 10-sound.wav goes before 2-sound.wav, because 1 comes before 2.

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Thanks yaxu.