Tagging/sorting SuperDirt samples

Has there ever been any efforts to sort and tag the default SuperDirt/Tidal samples?

On the Estuary discord I was discussing this idea as I noticed that in my own journey of learning Tidal and also having run workshops that becoming familiar with the samples and finding a particular type of sound can be quite a daunting task.

I started a github repository for manually grouping the samples by instrument type but luckily @cleary convinced me that maybe a large markdown file isn't the best approach (thanks!).

Is this something that would be useful? Is there a better approach to doing this?

I also noted that sample browsers are already a thing (e.g. Sononym, Samplecat, SampleHive) but having a software agnostic solution (e.g. a text file or browsable website) might be better for everyone in the long term.

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I've thought about how to use globbing to help in this task, you know press s <TAB> to get the samples that have a hiss in the beginning etc.

Also I'm looking for pen+paper solutions to include in my musicing notebook. It's not anything systematic, but I'm hoping very gradually developing some kind of intimate, visual language/grammar/mnemonics for myself to describe some sounds.

PS whoever decided that baa ought to be in the sample kit deserves recognition.

That would definitely be rad. Considering that Tidal has so many editors I wonder what a solution would be that's not tied to a specific editor...

I often refer to an awesomely detailed Google Sheets document Eldad Tsabary has put together. I wonder if he's on tidal club right now. We could connect with him on Estuary Discord and check if he would like to make it public.

Could you share that document?

A lot of the default dirt-samples are generally of unknown provenance and need a lot of tidying up.
There was an effort towards this: GitHub - tidalcycles/Clean-Samples: Like Dirt-Samples, but cleaned up
It would be great to push this forward.

There's this https://tidalcycles.org/docs/configuration/Audio%20Samples/default_library#default-samples-table