The "atom plugin" thread

I finished my UI design suggestion for the atom sound browser and opened a pr:

I also made sure that a sample is really stopped when you click on it again or when you select another sample.

I would be pleased about feedback!

Fair to me, already merged.
What if the "sound icon" is substituted by the play/stop icon? Maybe will be easier to understand

I have turned that around. I don't think the play/stop icon should be in front.

I show the icons when you hover over them. Showing the play button for all elements makes it difficult to distinguish the play status for each element.

Have a look at the new pr, then you can decide for yourself what you like better. I remove the play/stop icon and display the speaker icon when an element ist played.

I like the second version.
Released in 3.14.1. Waiting for more community feedbacks

Looking good - found some bugs, added some feature requests on github :slight_smile:


Released v3.15.0, a breaking change on OSC eval, some fixes in Sound Browser:


Maybe we should see that in BootTidal path whitespaces should be allowed? It looks like there are always support requests coming their way because of this @ndr_brt

There's a fix coming in GHC 8.12

in the meantime the problem is listed into the "Troubleshooting" section of the readme file:

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Hey Everyone, nice and useful thread!

Would it be possible to mute/unmute the channels on d1 d2 etc. with Ctrl+1 Ctrl+2 etc.?

I think this would be really handy.


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Hey, nice proposal!
I thought about using Alt+0, Alt+1 as the yaxu's feedforward editor, but that shortcuts in atom are already used to switch between editor tabs, so Ctrl+<number> would be great too.

Maybe we can also define 2 shortcuts to mute all / unmute all?
Have you a github account? could you open an issue on the plugin repository?


Just made the ticket on Github. It's #134.

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New release! 3.16.0
Feedbacks welcome


The toggle mute shortcuts are absolutely fantastic! Thanks you for adding it and @gadfly16 for suggesting it.

One bit of feedback - the mute/unmute status display in the console is itself a great idea, but bold text for a single character is quite hard to see. Perhaps some other signifier, perhaps an asterisk or underline might be easier to see quickly.

Thanks for the feedback, yeah, not the best solution, could be improved!

Thinking about the "mute" concept, and how's designed on mixers/daw/etc, the best would be to see the character with inverted colours, like there's a button with led underneath, that shuts down on press, like:

Screenshot from 2021-01-09 08-18-28

Little proof of concepts, I think it's way better to read/understand. (I used the mark html tag)

ok, released :smiley:


Amazing! Thank you!

That is much clearer. Thanks!

New version that should avoid the "whitespace in the boottidal.hs" problem.
Not properly a new feature but a improve to help newcomers

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Hi! After this update, this pops up every time i boot Tidal:


What could it mean? It stops BootTidal.hs from loading, but if I then evaluate anything it resumes loading and everything works again (I'd love to get rid of the issue though)

(Oh, I'm on Windows by the way :sweat_smile:)

I'm really enjoying watching this atom plugin progress, it's getting some really nice features - nice going @ndr_brt

One thing I noticed from the solstice set, was the error messages are really obtrusive - when coding for yourself, this is handy, but when doing it for a live stream I'd be a bit embarrassed with the amount of times this would be popping up :wink:
Is there a config option to leave the errors in the terminal rather than popup?

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