Tidal/SC not recognizing certain folders in Dirt Samples?

Have done recompiling, rebooting, killing all servers, all the usual stuff. For some reason it's not recognizing a couple of folders. Could it be a storage thing?

How do you announce these sample folders to SC? I have this in $HOME/.config/SuperCollider/startup.scd:

s.waitForBoot {
        ~dirt = SuperDirt(2, s); // two output channels, increase if you want to pan across more channels
        ~dirt.loadSoundFiles;   // load samples (path containing a wildcard can be passed in)
        // for example: ~dirt.loadSoundFiles("/Users/myUserName/Dirt/samples/*");
        s.sync; // wait for samples to be read
        ~dirt.start(57120, 0 ! 12);   // start listening on port 57120, create 12 orbits?

and it seems to work. Do you see any messages from SC startup?