Transforming a sequence of notes into a chord

Hey! I'm trying to arpegiatte over a series of notes. What I'm doing right now is this:

d1 $ note (arp "converge" "[0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7]") # s "arpy"

Is there a way to do that with a run 8 instead of that annoying [0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7] ?

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you should be able to use Haskell's nifty list building syntax to fill in the values between 0 and 7.

d1 $ note (arp "converge" "[0 .. 7]") # s "arpy"

that's all good, but I like to tweak some parameters from an external controler with something like run (cI 8 "run_size"), so that approach does not really cut it ...

Interesting question, there is a toScale function, I wonder whether a similarly implemented toChord function could work in this scenario?

I had a similar requirement recently building open voiced chords:

$ note  "< [[c4, g4],[e5, b5],[d6]] [[[b3],[ds5, g5, a5],[d6]]@2.5 [[d4],[a5, f6],[cs6]]@1.5]  [[e4, b4],[d6, g6, a6],[b6]] [[d4],[a5, f6],[cs6]]>"

These are a) hard to type, and b) hard to re-use manipulate with functions like arp.

If I could assign my own chord name and note order, which I could then re-use and apply as an argument to eg arp that would be super helpful... :thinking:

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