Trigger 1 only works for d1

I came upon something curious and don't know if it is because of me or because of TidalCycles. Maybe others also have this problem or can reproduce it.

If I use trigger 1 with d1 or with p 1, then Tidal always starts the pattern from the beginning, like:

d1 $ trigger 1 $ n (run 8) # s "808"

But if I use another channel, the trigger 1 is ignored, like

d2 $ trigger 1 $ n (run 8) # s "808"

the trigger get ignored. I tried it with different editors and had everytime the same problem. I currently use Tidal 1.6.1.
Does anyone have any idea what is going on here? I would be very happy about help!

Yes the first argument of trigger specifies which pattern id to trigger. This argument will likely go away in a future version of tidal, but for now a pattern doesn't know its own pattern id, so you have to specify it here.. It does mean that you can retrigger (i.e., reset the cycle clock) of one pattern from another, which might be useful..


Now I understand, thank you very much. I actually overlooked it in the wiki, but it's all there. Intuitively I thought that the parameter indicates a jump time, but then the 1 actually makes no sense, because it might be 0 to jump to the start of a cycle.

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