Update to latest Tidal Windows 10 problems

I recently updated to the latest version of Tidal on windows 10 by following the instructions in the week 1 episode 3 or 4? video of tidal club on here, which unfortunately has stopped something working. In an attempt to fix this I also updated to the latest Supercollider, also the tidal package within Atom to no avail.

Has anyone else had a similar experience? The error logs in Atom are as follows:

Choose ghc base path

no custom path configured
ghcup not found

using default GHC system path definition
Ghci command: ghci
Ghc-pkg command: ghc-pkg
Start atom-tidalcycles plugin
Choose BootTidal.hs path

no custom path configured
not found in current directory
not found in the tidal installation folder

use the default contained in the plugin
load BootTidal.hs from C:\Users\ollst.atom\packages\tidalcycles\lib\BootTidal.hs
t> [TidalCycles version 1.7.8]
Installed in C:\Users\ollst\AppData\Roaming\cabal\x86_64-windows-ghc-8.4.3\tidal-1.7.8
Listening for external controls on

I read that maybe the problem is in not having the latest superdirt installed and that there seems to be a problem wirh quarks in windows, so to download superdirt from hithub and replace the superdirt folder in Quarks directory to update it, however I cannot find a quarks folder with superdirt inside.... I find one with SC classes like: git, quark, quarks, quarkgui, but it does not contain any reference to superdirt.

Apologies if im missing something obvious, but i found the initial install of SC, Dirt, Tidal, Atom and its tidal package much easier than trying to deduce what became broken in the attempted update.

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yes i am having this problem also

Eep, wonder if this is a universal windows problem or if anyone has succesfully updated following the instructions in that week one video (on windows 10)

if you fix it, be sure to let me know! im on the verge of going mad and uninstalling everything, but this is not ideal way forward!

To find the folder with superdirt in, in supercollider 'open user support directory' in the menus, then open the 'downloaded-quarks' folder.


Cheers Alex, sorry for being dumb, will try to manually install the latest superdirt and report back with findings. I know at least one other person is having the same trouble so maybe its of use to them also! <3

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manual reinstallation of the latest superdirt-develop from github worked a treat! (renaming the new folder to SuperDirt, and moving the old one or deleting it from the Quarks folder that us,++ updating to the latest supercollider version and also the Atom Tidal package (though not sure if any of tose steps were neccesary, it cant hurt!)

Thanks Yaaaaxuuuu!


i managed to sort it by manually installing the latest superdirt from github - the one labelled superdirt-develop by a user other than Yaxu. Give it a shot (check the bottom post)


awesome. thank you for digging into this. mine is fixed now as well.

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so glad to hear it! it seemed your post was about 12 days ago which mustve been rathr frustrating, i was getting annoyed after two days! happy typing!

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