Updating the Tidal website and documentation

Ok, message received: new website.

  • now there are videos on the front page, &nbsp style. Looks ok though.
  • where to find samples: included my personal list of goto websites. Add your favorite websites.
  • reference section is there.
  • transitions + type signatures here and there.

I will try to focus on new contents from now on. There are some weakpoints in the doc: technical aspect, more creation-oriented tutorials (e.g. how to play piano with Tidal), and so on.


Is there currently a search function, or is that to be added later?

There isn't a search currently but I've applied to the Algolia docsearch service that would take care of this. I haven't heard back from them yet though.

Here's the info: Search | Docusaurus
Alternatively we could roll our own: Run your own | DocSearch

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The search bar casually appeared on the website. It is way better than what I expected from a search bar. I'm trying to clean up a bit because it is indexing EVERYTHING for some reason... including old unformatted files and work documents.

EDIT: I'm chasing down the remaining functions that need to be imported. Sometimes I think that I got them all, but then I realize that more are waiting to be picked up... Also added instructions for Doom Emacs and a random tip for Vim/Neovim .

EDIT2: added a pretty basic "make your own synthesizers for SuperDirt" page. I'm not diving into complex synthesis, just scratching the surface to get people running.

EDIT3: added a fun page, named "Typing fast and well". Mostly about how to type code fast and well.


No announcement (yet) ?

Congrats anyway :wink:

Well, the website is now live! Thanks @yaxu! :partying_face:

I haven't worked a lot on the new documentation during the past week. I'm gathering ideas for new articles/pages, and waiting a little bit to get more feedback. It might be interesting to use the GitHub issues section for submitting new ideas, etc...

So far, the biggest weakpoint of the documentation is the technical side of things:

  1. Installation / Upgrade (needs a big update with common fixes to common problems)
  2. Learning Haskell / Reading source code / How to contribute
  3. Customize BootTidal.hs

I learned some Haskell rudiments a year ago but not enough to understand all the innards and not enough to contribute on the dev side. I might try to read Haskell books again to fix that gap in the docs.

Some other ideas (random selection):

  1. Repository of cool user functions: custom functions made by the community, with examples, etc...
  2. Tutorials by style: how to DnB, how to techno, how to pop music, how to blablabla...

Oh wow! The new website looks ace! Hopefully I can get back to my project of translating the docs to Hindi (I started a couple of years back but life came in the way). Handy to see that I can work offline on this with the Github repo.

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Ace! With translation I think it's better to look for parts of the documentation that are most 'settled'/complete, to reduce future work needed.

the new website is fantastic, thank you!

Yes. I also like the new site! Very cool and usable. Thanks a lot for putting so much work into it!

Thank you, very nice job!!

same, dude, same.

hey @Raph one thing i have been thinking about is maybe a little section for MIDI people like me to know which functions work best with MIDI patterns as opposed to audio samples. a lot of the cool Tidal sample transform functions don't really work with MIDI so i definitely have a list of go-to functions that i know work well with MIDI. let me know if this is something of interest and i can help organize.

Yes, you are right, but I don't see a clear way to do that :confused: . I haven't thought about this!

I guess that adding a tag like #audio or #midi wouldn't be that helpful. What if we try to create a special page called midi-compatible functions? The name is ugly but I'm sure that someone can come up with a better one. I'm not a fan of creating new redundant pages though: most of the functions are already documented somewhere. This page could be a list of functions that work, with a direct link to the reference.

Tell me if you are thinking about a better solution.

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i think maybe just tagging existing pages with something like "midi-friendly" would suffice. and maybe a code snip example.

Digging out this old thread, because I was wondering, if there are any plans to expand the current documentation.
Often times I find a lot of really good explanations of or examples for functions here in this forum and think "this should really be in the docs!". (Like, I just learned about the inhabit function here, which I've never heard of before.) Also, there's some articles in the old docs (e.g. fix and unfix) that could easily be copied over. I've no experience with collaborative work like this, but I wonder, if I should collect stuff like that and eventually do a pull request to the tidal-doc repo.


if I should collect stuff like that and eventually do a pull request

Absolutely! And don't be afraid to reach us here or on discord if you have questions.

Thanks a lot for the reply! I will try to start working on it then.

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Feel free to push a change! I had planned to add inhabit at some point. Actually, I still need to organise a February documentation sprint to keep on track with things to add. The idea would be to synchronise with other people and add as many things as possible in a few hours. If you want to join or even start organizing it, the Discord channel is a good place to go, with many interested people. The forum is nice to relay information in a more structured manner and call for participation :slight_smile:


Definitely! Doing a sprint in Feb sounds great!