Upgrade/Install Problems

I have used tidal for a while now, and I recently upgraded my OS to Big Sur and uninstalled/reinstalled SuperCollider and Tidal but my install gets hung up... either in building the network or at the bifunctors build in cabal v1-install tidal. I deleted the ~./ghc and ~/.cabal files and still nothing. I tried to use stack to download it and even after configuring I still get errors.

A this is where it just stops. I've left it for hours and nothing, on both

Welcome @ColoringSounds, this is a new one on me. How is the comptuer behaving - do other apps slow down?

You could try cabal -j1 install tidal --lib. The -j1 tells it to only compile one module at a time, which will be lighter on resources. But if that's the problem it probably means you have something else causing problems on your system, using a lot of cpu or memory resources.

I've tried everything. I don't have any extraneous processes running, I've deleted the applications and started over a couple of times. I've tried all of the different ways that are in the troubleshooting article on the documentation and I keep getting the same problem. I wonder if it's a configuration problem on my machine. Maybe the install script gets hung up looking for files/build files that aren't in the right place. Truth is I'm a self taught developer(because I fell in love with first Max/Msp and then live-coding) so I probably have some weird thing that I did somewhere...I'm going to try again. Sometimes this business is infuriating. Thanks for replying so soon! I love TidalCycles so much so thank you for that as well!!

This is really strange.. Maybe a mac person has some advice on how to debug this?

What sort of errors do you get with the stack install?

There's also usually a .ghcup directory, did you get rid of that too?

So, I deleted all of the Haskell Platform and SuperCollider and started over fresh for each and every way that there is to troubleshoot listed in the docs. I still get hung up on the build script in one of the same two places that I showed in the earlier post, depending on how I install. After rebuilding ghcup the last time I added stack in the build, and installed tidalCycles using stack. With the stack build I was having an error that read "Cannot Shake Hands with Supercollider..." I had the error before when I used stack to build.
I nearly gave up, but I decided to update Superdirt and recompile one last time and then it started communicating. But, although i had processes in the post window showing in SuperCollider, it was frozen on a nonexistent sample from a long ago deleted sample folder. I killed all servers and then started over in a new file in a new folder and THEN THERE WAS SOUND!!!!! I don't know what or how and I don't care. Thanks for all the help. Thanks to Tidal Cycles and SuperCollider I am no longer afraid of the terminal. :rofl:

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Thanks for the update @coloringsounds and sorry for all this stress!

No stress, just more learning opportunity. Thanks again. I can't say it enough, I love this software

That's an admirable way to reframe your frustration!