Using "all" to process a whole session

Hey everyone !

I updated minutes ago to 1.5.1, and all doesn't seem to work any longer here : has it changed with new version ?

If so, I didn't notice that in the change log, mea culpa. Is there an alternative ?

I was working on that new piece (with Tidal 1.49) that often relies on things like all $ rev (as well as funkier functions of course) to process all orbit / sequences at once with very little typing.


Hi @nilhartman, I've just checked and it's also broken for me. It definitely shouldn't be !

I've made an issue

I'll have a look at fixing this later today

Thanks Alex !!!

OK this should now be fixed in tidal 1.5.2 !

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It does work as expected again, thank you !!!

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Great, thanks for confirming!

I never knew about all. Now I'm intrigued, haha.

Is there somewhere that this is documented?
Or is there not much else to know other than it will process all sequencers and orbits?

I'm not sure if it is :confused:

Basically lets you do something to everything

all $ hurry 2

To reset it you do:

all id

Very cool thank you.

@yaxu is there a way to apply effects using all? I'm trying but not having any success due to the following type errror:

* Couldn't match expected type `Pattern ControlMap' with actual type `(ControlPattern -> ControlPattern) -> IO ()' * Probable cause: `all' is applied to too few arguments In the first argument of `(#)', namely `all' In the expression: all # squiz 2 In an equation for `it': it = all # squiz 2

@lannzach if you want to share a bit of your code, i am happy to try and diagnose it!

You can do e.g.

all $ (# squiz 4)

When you miss off operators in this way it's called a 'section'. It only really likes you to do this in parenthesis. This works though:

all $ (# (squiz 4 # shape 0.6 # speed 2))


all $ (# squiz 4) . (# shape 0.6) . (|* speed 2)