Using standard notation (c d e f g a b) with samples

Hello! I started using tidal a few weeks ago and I’m starting to understand the basics of it, but there are some things that I think I’m doing in a harder way than it should be

One of my questions is:
Can I use standar notation (C D E F G A B) like you do with synths but with samples?
If not what is the simplest way to make melodies with samples?
I’ve been using speed but idk, it feels like there’s a simpler way

Thanks for the attention!

Welcome @Jose_Mendes to the TidalClub!

Short Answer: use up instead of speed or n

Longer Answer:
The function up speeds the sample in the same way as speed. This means that the sample will be shorter when you increase the pitch and longer when you decrease the pitch. With short samples this is perfectly fine for writing "fast" melodies. I am currently researching ways for TidalCycles to independently change the pitch or length of a sample (which usually requires more calculations than just changing the playback speed).

Another possibility to realise something like this I show/discuss under Custom functions and in this topic.

If you follow the link for custom function, you will also find a video of me showing exactly what you have in mind (just replace the speed' with up)

Note: Professional sample packs store a separate sample for each note.
Because when changing pitch or duration of a sample independently, artifacts occur when the changes are " heavy ".

Hope this helps!


Thanks! This was super helpful! I’ll be sure to check out the video you posted on that link that seems like a way closer to what I wanted

Thanks a lot!