Using Tidal with Ableton Live

What I want is something like this but for Tidal mininotation

I currently use CC Modulat for all my LFO needs : Modulat | Chaos Culture | MaxforLive Building Set | Isotonik Studios

Or too smooth out CC flux coming from Tidal.

The only but key requirement is to make Carabiner work flawlessly, like start / stop sync etc... But once you've set it right it's really cool.

14bit MIDI is much better but will most likely overload your virtual MIDI bus if you send various CC sequences at once (my experience with OSX and Win 10).

Now, OSC seems perfect but I can't warp my head around it. @Francesco_Corvi's device looks absolutely awesome.

@tamlyn a Tidal M4L port / device would be sensational and solve so many issues. It'd make using Tidal, M4L and Live's Clips all together so easy. My drea set-up eh.

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I think some of the things described in the cheat sheet are feasible with mininotation.

What I would like instead is the possibility to define complex rhythms at a high level as described in Schillinger's Theory of Rhythm, that is not laying out every single detail but only describing the process that generates them.

Coming soon I promise, by the end of the month for sure!
I just need to fix a few things that the update to 1.7 broke and write a documentation.
Can't wait to see what other people do messing with it :slight_smile:


Take all the time you need, no pressure :wink:

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Meanwhile, would you guys have an example of how you set and use OSC ? Thanks !


There is some broilerplate code I want to share with you for syncing the start, stop and recording trigger. Maybe this approach could be interesting in general. Currently I am playing with using TidalCycles as a studio tool (primarily for transforming samples and doing some sound design there). Meanwhile I try to arrange everything in Ableton. Therefore I trigger the play, stop and record via TidalCycles and keep everything in sync with Ableton Link.

This is my mapping in Ableton:

This is how it looks like in SuperCollider for the OSC to MIDI mapping:

// like MIDI loop - my virtual MIDI device
var midiLoop = MIDIOut.newByName("IAC-Treiber", "Bus 1");
	midiLoop.latency = 0;

~dirt.soundLibrary.addSynth( \play, (play: {
	midiLoop.control(3, 100, 127);

~dirt.soundLibrary.addSynth( \stop, (play: {
	midiLoop.control(3, 101, 127);

~dirt.soundLibrary.addSynth( \rec, (play: {
	midiLoop.control(3, 102, 127);

And this is how it looks like in TidalCycles:

 once $ s "rec" -- could be stop or play too
 d1 $ qtrigger 1 $ s "[src:4*2]"
 d2 $ qtrigger 2 $ s "gretsch:6 gretsch:4!5"

I need to adjust the carabiner latency (last parameter in sock <- carabiner tidal 3 (0.182)) so that everything works, but in the end everything is in line. In this way I can record a new pattern during the playback of everything what is already recorded in Ableton.


@mrreason thank you for this! This is so unbelievably helpful!

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Here we are


awwwwww yeah!