Using VSTPlugin with Tidal

heh funny, i was just about to post a summary of this thread in the tidal discord channel and while writing came to the same conclusion as you: custom OSC messages and a message handler on the supercollider server could possibly sort it out.

i also think that this reframing of it being an issue of needing an interface to receive scheduled OSC messages as opposed to an issue more closely tied to superdirt/tidal should make it reasonable to open a github/git.iem issue with the developer and possibly work together on a solution

i'm not sure if supercollider can receive simultaneously on different ports though? time to make some coffee and experiment some more i guess :smile:

are you on the discord server as well?

I think that I can work on a prototype without any problems and we could do it together too :slight_smile: For this I would suggest an independent GitHub repo and discuss it here for references and for implementation details on Github and discord.

Or who do you mean by "a github/git.iem issue with the developer and possibly work together on a solution". The TidalCycle developers are already in this forum and you could address the SuperDirt developers too. But from my point of view, the first thing is to see if it doesn't even become a kind of "standalone addon" because it looks like that it could become an own interface beside SuperDirt.

Btw. SuperCollider can easily handle multiple ports.

And yes I can be found on the tidal discord server.

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Today I managed to finish my proof of concept on this topic. You can find my version of this on GitHub: GitHub - thgrund/TidalVST: Using Supercolliders VSTPluginController to control VST plugins with TidalCycles

It certainly cannot do everything that one would like to have in terms of features. But I have found that for now I can work well with it.

What you can do, however, is to:

  • use the VSTPluginController to make a VST plugin accesible for TidalCycles
  • control VST parameters with TidalCycles pattern. You can use simple functions or even control busses!
  • apply global effects from SuperDirt

I hope this isn't gatekeeping, but I uploaded a short demo video on Instagram:


Wild. Nice effort guys!

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Yeah a shoutout to @mattia.paterna. Some ideas you had already dropped here in the forum were still useful. While I don't think you should separate instruments and parameters, since the control busses in Tidal now allow you to separate notes and parameters, but diversions turned out to be very handy.

And thanks to @Robin_Hase with whom I had a more intensive exchange about this topic one evening.

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Thank you for your perseverance @mrreason!
I am sorry I have been very absent-minded over the past few months. Truth is, I have been going through a rough patch and I lost focus on the topic.
I hope I'll catch up at some point :slight_smile: