Week 1 lesson 5 - mini-notation part 3

Oops thanks, I've fixed the video title at least!

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Thanks for the drawLine function ! very fun and useful to visualize patterns.

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@yaxu can you share the worksheet you use in this lesson.. please.. for exploring the different examples of the Euclidean rhythms you have described.. thanks

Hi @born_89, ah sorry!

I'll paste the list of example Euclidean structures below. So for the Persian rhythm "Khafif-e-ramal"

d1 $ sound "clap(3,5,2)"

It's useful to have a kick or something at the start of each cycle as a reference point:

d1 $ sound "kick:5"
The Euclidean Algorithm Generates Traditional Musical Rhythms by Toussaint
(2,5) : A thirteenth century Persian rhythm called Khafif-e-ramal.
(3,4) : The archetypal pattern of the Cumbia from Colombia, as well as a Calypso rhythm from Trinidad.
(3,5,2) : Another thirteenth century Persian rhythm by the name of Khafif-e-ramal, as well as a Rumanian folk-dance rhythm.
(3,7) : A Ruchenitza rhythm used in a Bulgarian folk-dance.
(3,8) : The Cuban tresillo pattern.
(4,7) : Another Ruchenitza Bulgarian folk-dance rhythm.
(4,9) : The Aksak rhythm of Turkey.
(4,11) : The metric pattern used by Frank Zappa in his piece titled Outside Now.
(5,6) : Yields the York-Samai pattern, a popular Arab rhythm.
(5,7) : The Nawakhat pattern, another popular Arab rhythm.
(5,8) : The Cuban cinquillo pattern.
(5,9) : A popular Arab rhythm called Agsag-Samai.
(5,11) : The metric pattern used by Moussorgsky in Pictures at an Exhibition.
(5,12) : The Venda clapping pattern of a South African children’s song.
(5,16) : The Bossa-Nova rhythm necklace of Brazil.
(7,8) : A typical rhythm played on the Bendir (frame drum).
(7,12) : A common West African bell pattern.
(7,16,14) : A Samba rhythm necklace from Brazil.
(9,16) : A rhythm necklace used in the Central African Republic.
(11,24,14) : A rhythm necklace of the Aka Pygmies of Central Africa.
(13,24,5) : Another rhythm necklace of the Aka Pygmies of the upper Sangha.

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Heh, that euclidian stuff was heaps of fun.

I tried to re-create Steve Reich's Clapping Music, to moderate success? I wonder if there is an easier way of doing it? Spreading the impulses over the 12 in a specific way and then rotating that via offset (or rot)? Edit: this runs the Reich process (mostly right I think) way faster than the composer intended.

d1 $ n (off "<0.0 0.083 0.166 0.249 0.332 0.415 0.498 0.581 0.664 0.747 0.83 0.913 1.0>" (+ 2) $ "[15(3,3,0)] [15(2,3,2)] [15(1,3,2)] [15(2,3,0)]") # s "cpu"

To clarify where the "1" is in this structure:

  d1 $ s "cpu"
  d2 $ n (off "<0.0 0.083 0.166 0.249 0.332 0.415 0.498 0.581 0.664 0.747 0.83 0.913 1.0>" (+ 2) $ "[15(3,3,0)] [15(2,3,2)] [15(1,3,2)] [15(2,3,0)]") # s "cpu"

Nice take on clapping music! There's a couple more over on this thread:


the draw function is so useful! Was it added to Tidal recently?

Yes about two weeks ago. draw needs an extra | on the end, so you can 'see' silence at the end of a cycle (will fix this).. I think drawLine is better for this reason!

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Hi there, I have followed the instructions for updating Tidal as shown here. For some reason when I check the Tidal version it comes up as only version 1.6.1. Any suggestions?

Hi @lucyjp786, that is the latest version and so you're all set.

If you look at this page: http://hackage.haskell.org/package/tidal tou see all the version numbers with 1.6.1 shown as the latest one.


I updated tidal cycles in my power shell as admin and it says version up to date. But when I run tidal_version in atom, I keep getting 1.4.3 . What could be the problem?
I have tried starting up super collider and atom from start several times and it made no effect.

Hi @angappan, what command are you using to install?

It should probably be either cabal update then cabal install tidal --lib or cabal v1-update then cabal v1-install tidal.

@yaxu i used the first one, but let me try with v1 now...

@yaxu that v1 part made it work, now I am using 1.6.1, and I have started the course yesterday and so far I am enjoying a lot and your way of teaching and explaining is awesome! I saw you at the digIKAT webinar and came here. Very glad that I got to know about you and tidal cycles!:partying_face:

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Ah great, have fun!

Just an idea but wouldn't the draw function be more clear if it marked empty steps with a period? Now it's kinda difficult to see how many empty steps there is in cycle without copy pasting the result and counting with the cursor.

With 5,18 draw gives you:

|x   x   x   x   x

With periods it would be:


EDIT: I see the forum loses the formatting with white spaces. Even more reasons to put the periods in I guess.

Yes I think that does look clearer. Feel free to make the suggestion here and I'll look at it before the next release:

(choosing 'open a blank issue' is probably easiest)

I marked the examples in your post as 'preformatted text' to get the spacing right.

Sure thing!