What is a do block?

I want to program a transition where multiple lines have to be evaluated at the same time.
So on the next cycle I want multiple different things to begin playing at the same time.

I stumbled across do blocks when trying to figure this out.
I have:

d1 $ slow 2 $ up "[0, -5, 7, 12] [-5, 0, 4, 12]" # sound "arco"
d2 $ up "[-5]" # sound "moogywoogy" 

If I want them both to play at the same time on the next cycle would I just add:

    d1 $ slow 2 $ up "[0, -5, 7, 12] [-5, 0, 4, 12]" # sound "arco"
    d2 $ up "[-5]" # sound "moogywoogy"

Or is there something I'm missing?
I've tried this and so far I get an error saying "empty do block"

it works for me, be sure to evaluate the whole block of code and not just the line that contains the do
(using the atom-plugin that would be Ctrl-Enter instead of Shift-Enter)

Okay, that works! Thank you!
I was googling ways to play multiple things at once in Tidal and stumbled upon this video:

and at 4'50 he brings in do blocks without really elaborating on the ctr-enter part haha
I couldn't find anything else about them in the tidal website in the reference section either.

I remember I once participated in a workshop with yaxu on Tidal and he explained a couple methods for programming drops and things like that but it has been so long since then.
Thank you!

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