What would tidal look like if it was written in (e.g.) Python, Kotlin or Javascript?

Development is moved here: GitHub - tidalcycles/vortex: Experiments in porting tidal to python

We're working on a short paper about it in the discord #vortex channel

There's now a fledgling javascript port here:

It's very incomplete but there's a demo here:


TLDR: yep, @yaxu @ethompsy , +1 for the dot notation!

Code looks great! i code in python every day and i'm still impressed.

Kudos @yaxu on the dot notation. I don't think there's an equivalent of Haskell's dollar sign in Python, so parentheses will get messy quickly. There are functools workarounds for composition / function chaining, but I don't know of any python tools designed for that kind of syntax. On the other hand, dot notation syntax via method chaining is very common -- numpy, pandas, and PIL use it-- so that makes for a good argument to use a class. That said, Ryan Kirkbride mentioned to me on rocket chat he wished he started FoxDot on a more functional and less object-oriented ground, so more like Tidal I guess. Something worth keeping in mind. :slight_smile: